a starbucks themed post

July 26, 2010

my mom was "customer of the week"
at Starbucks last week.
She's pretty much what you'd call their "#1 fan".
Here she is in all her glory.
We all went on the last day of her week
to celebrate this special achievement.
How do you become "customer of the week" you ask?
Well, simply go to the same Starbucks
twice a day,
for at least 5 or 6 years,
and you might just get lucky. ;)
It is a pretty cool deal, though.
You get free drinks every day that week
and get your name on a sign.
I mean, come on, who doesn't want their name
on a sign at Starbucks?
I know I do.
Here's Jaymin eating his beloved vanilla scones.
The very ones my husband despises.
Not because they taste bad
{quite the opposite actually, they are pretty close to heaven}
but because his rough & tumble boy
likes them so much he asked to have them
at his Bass Pro birthday party. :)
{Don't ask Jeff about Jaymin & Starbucks,
its a touchy subject. ;) }

Something else that might help you attain
the title of "customer of the week"
is bringing the baristas gifts for their babies.
That's right.
My mom knows all the baristas
at this location
and asked me to make this baby gift for one of them.
{Just kidding of course, this baby gift was delivered AFTER
my mom was customer of the week. :) I swear.}
My mom wanted a onesie with a Starbucks cup
and we wanted to make it girlie and baby appropriate.
My mom was thrilled with how it turned out
and wants a shirt just like it.
Go figure.
The baby's name is
Ava Rose
and that is the name of this rose fabric line.
Isn't it beautiful?
I ordered it just for her.
I seriously want to use the leftover fabric
to make something for myself.
I pull it out periodically and painstakingly
try to drape it around myself.
There's just not enough!
And here's the money shot.
Jettison couldn't miss out on the celebration.
Startin' this one even younger, honey!! :)


Jami Nato said...

i LOVE that fabric. so shabby chic.

adorable onesie. and also, your mom is RIDICULOUS. twice a day?? oh my word.

Little Momma said...

I want a shirt like that in my size! I am serious.

kaddie said...

2 starbucks a day for 5 years is yummy.

but....if she had taken that money and invested it in a 5% interest account, she'd have $20,486 saved.

maybe you should make the same drink for her at home and convince her to give you the money instead!

i'm just sayin'... :)

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