Farm Fresh

July 19, 2010

...well, grandma's-house-fresh anyway. :)
My mom grew up on a farm and every summer
they had a huge personal garden.
My mom lives in the good ol' suburbs of Johnson county now
but her backyard garden gets bigger every year.
Its a way for her to remember and connect
with the memory of her mother.
And I love that she "grandmothers" like her mom.
She has the best hands too.
Those run in her family as well.
This basil will be "harvested", vacuum sealed, frozen
and used all winter long.
Jaymin, learning the trade. :)
We're trying to enjoy as much of summer
before its over!
Hope you are too!! :)


Judy @ In His Grip said...

Okay, great garden. I have basil coming out my ears and I plan to make pesto tonight, I even had to go to Target and buy a new food processor just to get it done. But never heard of vacum sealing it. What is it like when you open in come winter?

Jami Nato said...

totally jealous of your access to that garden!

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