all about him

July 12, 2010

This weekend was all about Jay.
Which was nice after having a baby 6 months ago
who saps most of my time and energy. :)
My little man turned 4.
I had major crafter's block
due to the theme this year
but as I was working on other things
the idea for the invitations
popped into my head (don't you love that?).
I emptied out cans of fruit (that we are still trying to eat)
by using a safety can opener on the bottom of the can
(keeping the pop top in tact).
Peeled off the label.
Wrapped them with scrapbooking paper.
Printed off & cut out Bass Pro labels.
Wrapped them with some twine,
popped the invitation in the bottom,
and glued it back on.
Super simple!
We hand delivered them (obviously)
and it was really fun watching the kiddos open the cans.
The goodie bags were really easy too and were actually my first idea.
Brown paper bag, hole-punched,
and wrapped with twine and a bobber.
Here's what was inside...
Some trail mix, smore goldfish, gummy worms
and little felt bags I made.
I got the idea here.I put quarters in the bags for the shooting range upstairs
and thought I was pretty clever...
until we found out that the shooting range is FREE
until like July 17th or something!
The next issue I was having with this party is the cake.
I so did not want to make a FISH cake.
Then Jaymin said he wanted cupcakes and I did not argue!
(It was difficult enough getting this cake transported in
90 degree temps.)
So I found a fish mold at a candy supply store,
and made this little chocolate fish for the tops.
Aren't they ugly??
I've never believed in the "its so ugly its cute" description.
I flat out KNOW its ugly.
But I still like how they turned out. {Kinda.}
I love all these pics of that dads helping the kids shoot...
Cause you know, there were just helping.
It's not like they wanted a turn or anything...Jaymin & Daddy
My brother Chad & his boy Lane
My brother Corey & his girl NevaehOur friend Matt & his boy Gage
Jaymin & (a fraction of) his cousins on my side
Love their faces.
Very scary.His ride home.
Yeah right.
Keep dreamin' buddy!!Whew.
Well, his party was a success and quite frankly a lot of fun.
And its always special to me cause it marks
my anniversary of motherhood.
Happy 4 years of motherhood to me.
I'm looking forward to many more. :)
Now, I need some girl time
to replace the estrogen lost while planning this party...


Judy @ In His Grip said...

You did a great job. How fun and I think you can make just about anything cute even if it has to be a fish.

Melissa Rodgers said...

You did a wonderful job! Love how the invitations turned out. The pictures are all so cute. I'm glad it was a good day.

Jami Nato said...

such a fun party and you made the theme cute. will our kids ever understand what we went through for them?? ha.

and thanks for the sugar high for layne. he was a bear the rest of the day! :)

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