made in Taiwan

June 7, 2010

My first "special order"!
My friend Allyson
has a cousin who is a missionary in Taiwan
and about to have her first baby.
So she wanted to give her a onesie that said "made in Taiwan",
because, well, ahem, the baby was you know, there. ;)
Cute, right?

I made some matching burp cloths
and was thrilled when I found that awesome asian inspired floral print.

And you remember this post.
This sweet little guy is not only wearing the onesie I made
but he is home, safe, healthy and happy. :)

So sweet.
{God is so good.}

(photos courtesy of blink photography)


Rene' said...

Very creative! lovethe colors.

Jami Nato said...

so much time and love put into those onesies. seriously, after you showed me how to make them, i don't think i will. i'll let you! ha. very cute...

Little Momma said...

Love these! so sweet.

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