April 1, 2010

So, my mom is weird.
She's the kind of person that puts
sugar on tomatoes and salt on grapefruit (I know, right?).
But its definitely one of the things I love about her.
It gives my dad and I plenty of fuel for making fun of her. :)
And, occasionally, it even works out in my favor...
Like the other day when I walked into her kitchen
and saw her eating a very strange concoction.
After giving her the "weirdo" look,
I tasted it myself and, well, pretty much fell in love
and now I have a new favorite snack that I thought I'd share. :)

You will need the following 4 items:
- honeycrisp apple
- caramel rice cake
- nutella
- caramel sauce

And yes, the caramel sauce is from Starbucks
(compliments of my mother who said,
"Oh, go ahead and take it. I'll just pick up another one."
And since she frequents Starbucks twice a day
I didn't feel too bad.
Did I mention she has taught my 3-year-old son her order?
If you ask him what Grandma
gets from Starbucks he'll tell you
"a caramel macchiato".
She's still working with him on the "non-fat, at 180"...)


1. slather nutella on rice cake
2. slice apple and layer on top of nutella
3. drizzle with caramel sauce

And there you have it.
The best snack ever.
I will give you a couple warnings:

1. eat in privacy as this tends to be a very messy snack
and most likely you'll find yourself inhaling it
after the first bite of caramel-apple-nutella goodness
2. do not put items away since you will most likely
go back for seconds (or thirds...)
3. do not let the "apple" and "rice cake" ingredients
fool you into thinking this is a healthy snack
and that you'll lose weight when you eat this 3 times a day

Enjoy!! :)


Jami Nato said...

that seriously is a funny little snack! only mom's can come up with such things...ha.

emily said...

holy deliciousness.

Little Momma said...

i need to try nutella, i have heard it is delicious. tell your mom that my fam eats salt on watermelon. ; )

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