Easter Weekend

April 14, 2010

Yes, I realize Easter weekend was a week and a half ago
but hey "mama" time has been almost non-existant. :)

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend...


Coloring eggs

Jettison's first egg hunt :)

Easter Sunday

My sweet fam
(color coordinating is even MORE fun now with 2 kids! :) )

Me & Cass

Just a little Easter eye candy for ya...don't be jealous.
(Yeah, my parents are rockstars.)
(And FYI: I did NOTHING for this incredible feast,
yep, just showed up and gorged myself all day long...
I mean, isn't that was the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is all about?...)

Love this pic.
This is who Jettison is named after...
Jettison Charles and my dad, Charles "Charlie"

Playdate with Cousin Brooklyn :)

The 3 "big" kids.

If you can't tell, we had a great weekend.
Which is easy to do when:
1) Christ died for your sins
2) Its a gorgeous day outside
3) You have a great fam
4) Grandma buys you a dart gun :)

Happy {belated} Easter!!!


Jami Nato said...

better late than never! keep up the blogging...

that easter plate looked redonkulously delish. do they offer meals at fulk chiroprachtic? hahah.

p.s. i'm doing a giveaway at my blog so go enter!

Rene' said...

cute pictures of you and your boys! Okay so how in the WORLD does your tummy go so flat so quick... seriously!!! :)

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