Christmas Tour

January 27, 2010

So this isn’t so much a “tour” as it is a few snapshots of my living room.

I mentioned Christmas pics in this post and wanted to come through for all my readers

{you know, all 3 of you :) }.

But before I get to that, I have to vent a frustration of mine.

All I have to work with is a point-and-shoot camera, it’s a very nice Canon and only a year old but still, it’s a point-and-shoot.

I have so many friends with amazing cameras so my perception of what photographs should look like is definitely skewed.

Anyway, I do what I can with what I’ve got.

But if any of you have suggestions for how to take better pictures with a point-and-shoot I would LOVE the advice!

I’ve been trying to take most of my pictures without my flash but I’m not real good when it comes to working with natural light.

I would also not be offended if the Lord laid it on your heart to lend me your super nice camera gear that you’re not using

{cough-mom, cough-Allyson :) }…

So all that to basically warn you that these pictures are not the best. I tried to capture the exquisiteness {yeah, I said it} of my home at night but, well, yeah, this is what I ended up with.

So use your imaginations!

Or just come visit me next year at Christmas time and we’ll sit in front of my

faux mantle and drink hot chocolate! :)

The mantle all dressed up for Christmas.
My living room Christmas decor is all golds, silvers, baby blue and some of that yummy champagne pink color
(a color I like so much I used it as the color for my wedding! :) ).

This jar has gold glitter pine cones in it.

I've really been into silver bells lately so that's what I put in this jar. Just picked up a couple bags from the craft store and when you put them in the right setting they look amazing!
And a super cute little bird (also really loving birds lately) that was covered in kind of an antique colored silver glitter.

And my sconces {yay!} cause you can't have a mantle without light fixtures flanking it! :)
I got these at Hobby Lobby as well {that's right, 1/2 off!} and I LOVED how they looked when my hubby hung them for me.
I also found these great candles at Bed Bath & Beyond
{don't forget your 20% off coupon - never buy anything full price there either! :) }.
They actually look like birch tree bark covered in glitter.
{The perfect amount of country and glam - just my style. :) }

And the wardrobe change for my living room.
When we moved to this new townhouse I was having trouble figuring out how to paint & decorate the living room and then I decided that this was the one room I always wanted to change more frequently than the rest of the house. So I decided to save myself some time and money and do the whole room in neutrals
{paint the walls a neutral tan/beige, we have chocolate brown couches, painted our tables an off-white, our rug is shades of black and brown, and all of the decor that stays on the wall is either black or brown}
so that I could change the look of it for each season.
So I add color to the room with the curtains and throw pillows.
{Fall colors here.}

Here's the stocking I made for my little Jay-Man.
This was actually the first year we did stockings at home and yes I only got one done.
I was just a little bit pregnant and a little bit tired. :)
Oh, and did I mention how stoked I was to have a PLACE to hang stockings??
I'm tellin' ya, the possibilities of a faux mantle are endless!!
{Okay, that is my very last faux mantle comment. You all get how much I like it.}

And this is a total screw around picture that I took when I was messing around with my camera and I thought it was pretty cool. :)


Anonymous said...

hi chels! I love your Christmas decor. And the chocolate brown and blue looks great! Those are the same colors we're going with in my master bedroom remodel.I think your pics turned out good :) I have a Canon Rebel, with a super long lens. I too wish for a nice digital version, but the one I have takes amazing pics-it's just a matter of framing and composition.
Megan A.

Jami Nato said...

can i just say...i always check your blog out through em's blog and it shoots me to an old blog until now, i just thought you didn't update your blog very often!! then i went to someone else's blog who had your blog on it and i was like...whoa, i am so behind. so now i have a lot of catching up to do. ha. and congrats on the baby!

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