"scary dragon"

November 10, 2009

So, I've started a tradition of making Jaymin's Halloween costume every year,
some (including myself) would call that a mistake...especially since I plan on having 3-4 kids. :)
His first year he was a knight (probably my favorite costume), the year after that, a scuba diver (hilarious),and last year, a UFC fighter (yes, my husband is obsessed but I admit, it was my idea).
This year Jay was a "scary dragon"
and I was pretty happy with how his costume turned out...
especially since I didn't start it until the day before. :-P
My plan was to add spikes to a green sweatsuit, only problem was I couldn't find one ANYWHERE so I started from scratch...
I used green fleece to make a vest, split it up the back and sewed in green felt spikes, made a hood and did the same thing, split it up the middle to add in spikes. Then I hand-sewed on the shiney snake skin belly (cause that stuff is awful to try to machine sew!).
I made some quick pajama pants
(thanks to my high school sewing teacher these things are a breeze!)...

And a tail...I basically just drew a tail on the fabric,
cut out two pieces and used the same concept of sewing spikes in the seam.
I stuffed it and then safety pinned it onto his pants so we could take it on and off.
(I like costumes that come apart, especially for little kids,
it makes traveling in carseats SO much easier!)
It was actually pretty easy once I figured out how I wanted to do everything.
I don't like to buy patterns so that's the hard part, just getting started.
This is a trick or treat bag I made for him the day of out of orange & black felt...
didn't feel like running out to Wal-Mart for a plastic pumpkin. :)
And what would Halloween be without cupcakes?
Well, next year I'll be making costumes for 2 and hopefully I'll have enough sense to start a bit more in advance!

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