Valentines Day

March 2, 2009

Well hello blogging world!
Long time no type.
Well, I'm happy to report I'm back, and with a new look.
I'm still working out the kinks and will probably make a few
more changes here and there.
Valentines Day has come and gone and I've decided that holidays
{even made up commercial holidays like Valentines Day}
are so much more fun after you have kids!
Their excitement is contagious and you can't help but get in a festive spirit.
I'm trying to put in more of an effort to decorate for each holiday
so this was my Valentine's project for this year...
And this is the card I made for my honey...

My sister's homecoming dance was on the 14th as well and I played makeup artist for the day. We hung around long enough to witness the inevitable awkward uncomfortableness of co-ed teens in formal attire. Jeff and I were happy to be on the back side of the camera this time. :)


Allyson Cheney said...

LOVE it!!! great new look - love all of the elements of YOU! let's hang out soon....



Rene' said...

Cute new look! how did you do this? I like it! Your so talented and crafty!! you go girl :)

Jeanna said...

love the new look. my my you are a busy gal. when do you rest?

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