Sunday {Reflection}

November 9, 2008

Today's Scripture: Luke 10:25-27

This morning we learned the value of being under {God's} authority as well the value of being a servant in this world.

When our pastor was talking about the privilege of leaning on someone else {God} to make decisions for you, it reminded me of when I was a little girl and friends would call to see if I could play or come to a sleepover, and sometimes I just didn't feel like going but I didn't want to lie or hurt their feelings. So my mom told me, you can always use me an excuse and I just "won't let you" go. So that was our rule, when I would be on phone with a friend, I would say out loud, "mom, can I go play with {blank}?" while shaking my head no (that was our code I guess :) ) and my mom would say, "no, I'm sorry honey, I need you to stay home." And that gave me such comfort, knowing my mom not only understood, but that she RELIEVED me of the obligation, and took the "burden" of saying no onto her own shoulders. How selfless. Because it meant so much to me, I have thought that I want to be that kind of mom to my own children. And that's how God feels about us. We can find comfort in His authority and it can relieve us in so many ways. So I think in a world that bucks authority and that has completely destroyed the meaning and understanding of "submission", its refreshing to hear of the joy and relief it can bring.

We also learned how "the Son of Man came to earth not to be served, but to serve." Can you imagine, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior, the Lord of Lords, Kings of Kings, Emmanuel, HERE, serving US, washing OUR feet? Can you imagine seeing this man, kneel at your feet, to WASH them? A act that was only reserved for the lowest of servants. What a message he was sending us!

We are discussing finances in our small groups as we watch a series called "LOST" (I strongly recommend this entire series by Andy Stanley) and last week he was teaching about actively seeking those in need. (Watch this video) Most of us live in areas of the United States where we could live our entire lives without witnessing those that are truly in need. Because of that, we need to be ACTIVELY seeking people we can help. Whether it be supporting a child in Africa so she can go to school, wear shoes, and get the nutrition she needs, or buying an extra sack of groceries for the single working mother who has never voiced her hardships. SEEK IT. BE ON THE LOOKOUT. Andy Stanley says you do not deal with discontentment by pretending it doesn't exist, but by pursing something that is bigger than yourself. He says, "Generosity BRIDLES discontentment." WOW.

Our pastor said it this way,

Do everything you can, with everything you have.

Today, I challenge you (and myself) to do something bigger than yourself. Serve, give, love.

I like how our church says it:

Love God
Love People
Serve the World


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Rene' said...


I totally agree with your comments! I was convicted by this statement:
"Generosity BRIDLES discontentment."

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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