Holiday Mart!!!

November 3, 2008

Last week was the annual junior league Holiday Mart Extravaganza here in Kansas City and it was awesome as usual! Its a tradition for me, my mom, and my sister to go every year. I told my husband I'd be gone for a couple of hours and I think by the time I got home we were pushing SIX!! This thing gets bigger (& better) every year and takes FOREVER to get through, especially if you're looking at every single booth. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things from this year:
(click image for website)

This was a super cool vintage "french market" booth that was totally down my alley!

(click image for website)
This booth had THE coolest diaper clutches I've ever seen...

Totally simple put super inventive. A mom designed them and now has them shipped off to be manufactured.

And this booth was what I would call cowboy chic or cowboy glam. Really cool stuff, I LOVE the combination of cowboy boots, belt buckles, jewelry, etc. with touches of glam! They don't have a website but are located in Liberty, MO.

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Jenn said...

i'm sooooo bummed that i missed the holiday mart!!!!! i just didn't have much time to go....
did you get some cute stuff? i saw allison and allyson's plates they got. fun stuff...
love, jenn

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