Happy Halloween!

November 3, 2008

Well, it was a big surprise this year what Jaymin was going to be for Halloween and that was only due to the fact that I didn't even make his costume until the day of. :) The past 2 years I have been working off of a theme but this year we didn't have one so my creative juices were running low. I had been mulling over ideas for a long time and finally on the day of I voiced my UFC fighter idea to my husband....need I say more? The decision was officially made...

I made his t-shirt and this is the back of it sporting his sponsors :)

I sewed his initials and some stars on his shorts, spiked his hair, gave him a black eye (using black eye shadow) that everyone thought was real, and we covered his little body in Thomas the Train and Lightning McQueen tattoos. Nice, huh? :)

His warm-ups. :) Or as my brothers would say, "he's cuttin' weight".

And his fit cause Grandma wouldn't stop taking pictures.

Jaymin just could NOT figure out my tights that night. After I put them on he kept following me around and pulling at them asking me if they were my socks and then he kept saying, "Mama, tiger? Mama, tiger?" :)


Allyson Cheney said...

sooooooo CUTE!!! i love your creativity!!! matt will love this. waaay too funny. and love the story about the tights. lol.

Allison said...

Love, love the tights! They are so cute. And ditto about Rich, he will totally love that and we will probably end up copying for Cole in the future!

Erin said...

I also have to say that Mike will love this. He still finds a way to watch UFC over here. He will probably want to copy this for Brayden someday too! You did a great job adding all the details to his costume...and I also ditto that your tights were awesome! I need to put pics up of our Halloween too...hopefully I'll get to that today!

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