Louisburg Cider Mill

October 28, 2008

I have lived in Kansas my whole life (minus the 6 weeks in London) and there are times when I feel so sheltered from the rest of the world and that I'm missing out on the action taking place in New York, LA, etc. But when Fall comes (especially) I am reminded of the beauty of the Midwest and that being sheltered might not be such a bad thing. I love driving a mile in one direction and being in the country, surrounded by corn fields, wheat fields and yes, even cows. I love that you can walk around Kansas City and see a mixture of designer handbags and cowboy boots. :) I love that the beef in my freezer comes from my grandparents farm and not a grocery store. I love that we have farmers markets within walking distance. And I love that my kids will grow up in this environment, loving and respecting all of God's creations and experiencing them first hand...
And I love the fact that I may be a city girl on the outside but a country girl at heart.
Look at his face... :)

This kids LOVES his pumpkins.

My brown hair! I'm ready to go back to blond. :)

And of course, we can't leave without a couple (hundred) fresh apple donuts...

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