Jaymin's 2nd Birthday - Part I

July 14, 2008

If you're wondering about the "Part I" in the title of this post, it's because my 2-year-old son is what some may call S-P-O-I-L-E-D!! His 1st (of 3) birthday celebration was at my parents' house last Sunday. The first Sunday of the month my family gets together for dinner and celebrates upcoming and recent birthdays. This one was for me and Jaymin - but as you can see, mostly for Jaymin...hence the "nemo" theme.

My parents had the fabulous idea of buying water guns for party favors. I think grandpa was having more fun than the kids...it was all fun and games until the babies (I mean TODDLERS, I guess I can't keep calling them babies forever) started slipping on the wet tile floor.

Jaymin just kept squirting himself in the face and thought it was hilarious. I think the thought that was the game everyone else was playing. No matter how many times we fixed it for him, he kept pointing the gun at himself.

Practically soaked here...making the "cheeeeeeeese" face. He's been trained well.

Here I'm trying to block him from blowing out his candles before the "happy birthday" song is over. He's a bit candle happy these days. He's been going through extremely rigorous training preparing for this moment, blowing out candles left and right, and thanks to his dedicated coach, grandma, has had many opportunities to perfect the art of blowing out candles. :)

Look at him rearing back with delight at this gift. He loves towels these days, possibly something to do with the comfort they bring him after the bath and swimming pool but now every towel is "Jaymin's towel" which sounds like "Jamie's towel" and when I correct him for calling blankets towels he looks at me like I'm crazy and says, "Jamie's towel" with more force. :)

Awww, the boys with their tractors...

My crazy brother in the background...I'm trying to be all photojournalistic and he ruins it! :)

Okay, keep checking back for the next two installments of the birthday saga. Sheesh, I think I need to have some more kids...........

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