April 30, 2008 of the downfall's I guess to RENTING is that no one is entitled to tell you when they are going to...tear down you fence, rip up your patio, pull out your flowers, ruin your flower bed and kill your new baby grass!!!!! This is the lovely scene I walked in on this afternoon when I heard a racket during Jaymin's nap. Gosh, I love having no control over what happens at my gives me such a sense of security and safety, never knowing what tomorrow's going to bring. Okay, enough sarcasm and animosity. I should be thankful that we are getting a new cement patio.....I just wish I would have known before I planted my flowers and grass. :-P


Carly said...

I am sooooooo with you on this one! We had no idea this was happenning until I herd the noise outside too. I was fuming to say the least...not much we can do about it, I guess. thanks for your words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I AM WITH YOU GUYS!!! Our neighbor's fence was torn apart all over our patio! And Monday, the construction guys walked right into our house, WITHOUT TELLING US, and I was butt naked getting ready to get in the shower. I was SO mad. I am so sick of them...uggg.

Jenn said...

BUMMER! that would drive me crazy... i throw a fit when our neighbors mow when the kids are taking a nap, when their dogs bark at the most inconvenient times, and when people ring the doorbell... can't imagine waking up to this (or to someone just walking in my house while i'm buck naked getting ready to get into the shower== liz!) sorry! love, jenn

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