Take a ride on the Connor Express.

April 12, 2008

This was taken at our last Fulk Family Dinner. We (Chad, Nicki, Lane, Corey, Marietta, Nevaeh, Chelsea, Jeff, Jaymin, Colby, Angie, Cassie, Connor, Dad, and Mom) have dinner at my parents house the first Sunday of the month. We usually celebrate birthdays and just hang out letting the babies be the entertainment. Apparently Connor looked like a pony this night, or as Jaymin would say, "Nonnue". Cassie is "Sassy", Colby is "Daboy", and the list goes on and on. We have yet to discover exactly what accent our child has but it is definitely foreign. He seems to be leaving off his "r's" and I think that is SO cute when toddlers talk like that. Colby (my younger brother) had the same problem and used to say "we're gonna potty hotty" translation: "we're gonna party hardy". Enjoy! :)

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