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March 30, 2008

I actually managed to do some scrapbooking this weekend (well, one layout at least) so I decided to do it of our 2nd anniversary this past summer (wow, that sounds so ridiculous knowing we have an almost 2-year-old). Jeff and I went to the melting pot (for the first time) and then he blind-folded me (no naughty jokes, let me finish the story, sheesh!) and drove me to Weston, MO where we spent the night in this adorable bed & breakfast. The sad part was it was over so fast and before we knew it our one-night vacation of sleeping in and and enjoying a quiet breakfast was soon replaced with missing our baby (yes, we are still that ridiculous couple that misses our child even after one night away...just give us a few years and a few more kids and we'll be as cynical as the rest of ya :) ). Anyway, it was a wonderful night and thought it was deserving of a pretty little vintagey (yes that's a word) page. :)

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emily said...

try saying "we are about to have our 5 year anniversary and we have 3 kids already!!"
that sounds really ridiculous :)

cute layouts! they look great! glad you got a little scrappin' in :)

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