high-chair humor

February 18, 2008

This is Jaymin eating yogurt by himself. I know I'm in for a mess when I give him full control of the spoon but he's gotta learn somehow right? But where is the spoon....hmmmm....

People always ask Jeff and I (especially strangers) if he's always so happy. And I feel so blessed that I can say "yeah, he really is". I truly could not ask for a sillier, sweeter, happier little boy. He makes Jeff and I laugh constantly and we just can't imagine life without his smiling little face (thanks to his mother his eyes smile too!).

Ok, so the other day Jaymin was in his chair eating lunch so I ran downstairs to check my email. I heard him whining around cause he was tired and didn't want to eat and then all of a sudden he got really quiet. So I ran upstairs to check on him and this is what I found....

sound asleep....He didn't even flinch when the flash went off or when I carried him up to his bed....guess I should have put him to bed a little sooner. :)

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